Pool Fencing in Sydney


A swimming pool at home is a great source of entertainment and a place to cool down in the Sydney heat. Pool fencing adds security and safety to your swimming pool. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing adds an element of style as well.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing gives your pool a very modern look that is pleasurable to behold. Besides the external look, the transparency of the glass allows you to have a clear view of your surroundings.

The transparency allows you to monitor the pool area at all times. The glass surround also gives the pool experience a whole new dimension that many people appreciate throughout Sydney.

Frameless glass pool fencing has the following specifications:

  • 12mm thick, grade A, toughened glass panels.

  • 10mm toughened, grade A gates.

The fence is polished for a transparent and spotless view through them for you to enjoy. The integration into the environment will undoubtedly enhance your swimming experience. We can cut glass into the shape of your desired landscape and is suitable for all surfaces.

Sydney Fencing Direct provides elegant frameless glass pool fencing designs that you would love to see. Choose frameless glass pool fencing by giving us a call today!