Choosing aluminium louvres in sydney.

Your personal space, whether it is your Sydney family home or a business venue, requires privacy and security. Our professionally designed and installed aluminium louvres are the perfect solution to this problem.

This amazingly engineered fence can be fixed independently, as well as part of other fixtures such as sliding gates or privacy screens.

The aluminium louvres we make at Sydney Fencing Direct are 100% pure aluminium and powder coated to protect them from weathering. The louvres have a fixed, elliptical, 85mm blade. The sturdy frame is a 50mm square that perfectly complements the features of the structure.

The louvres, besides acting as a privacy tool, also allow the owners to exercise complete control on environmental factors like air flow and the sunshine. The adjustable blades enable a unidirectional view, which means that you can still look outside while those trying to look in will be disappointed.

Aluminium Louvres, with their attractive designs and splendid colours, are a feast for the eyes as well. This solution adds an aesthetic element to your home or business that is hard to match.

So if you are concerned about privacy and security and seek an elegant solution to your problem, aluminium louvres from Sydney Fencing Direct are your number one choice. Call us direct today on 0406 957 490 and book your site assessment visit.