We're Fencing Sydney!


Sydney Fencing Direct provides you with a diverse range of offerings and solutions. We are not a cookie-cutter solutions provider, but rather, are focused on providing tailored solutions to tailored situations. Sure, we can provide quick and standard provisioning at a budget price when the project suits it, however we also want you to know we love a challenge. Like any craftsman, we love tasks that put our skills and experience to extraordinary use, and will tackle every project from the basic to the complex with a commitment to your long-term pleasure and satisfaction. 

We offer a huge range of solutions, from Stainless Steel Fabrication through to simple sliding gates. We can deliver a quality fencing solution so you can have a long-lasting pride in beauty and function they provide. We can assist you with: 

From initial design through to the final clean-up, our team can handle everything. 

We provide an individually tailored design and quote to suit your specific needs. Rest assured in not only the workmanship and price, but also that we are fully licensed and insured. We stand by our work 100% - because when you deliver quality, you can! 

Give us a call or ask us to call you. Either way, we can quickly help you move toward a satisfying solution!